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LicenseMPL 2.0
Programming languageRuby
Latest release0.0.42 []

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This tool is light on its dependencies, as it only uses Ruby and BinData. The scanner is simple to use, as it is limited in the number of parameters and options. There is also the ability to show the results on the screen or export the data to a JSON file. The latter is great if you want to do further processing of the details, or simply store them for later comparison.

Usage and audience

ssh_scan is commonly used for penetration testing, security assessment, system hardening, or vulnerability scanning. Target users for this tool are pentesters, security professionals, and system administrators.


  • Command line interface
  • JSON output supported

Tool review and remarks

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  • + More than 10 contributors
  • + Many releases available
  • + The source code of this software is available
  • + Supported by a large company

Author and Maintainers

Supporting company

This project is maintained by Mozilla Foundation



Supported operating systems

Ssh_scan is known to work on Linux.

ssh_scan alternatives

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Lynis is a security auditing tool for systems running Linux, macOS, or Unix. It can be used for security assessments and configuration audits.



The ssh-audit tool helps to perform a security assessment of SSH servers and their configuration. It can be used for security testing and penetration tests.



SSHsec scans a system running the SSH protocol and retrieves its configuration, host keys, and Diffie-Hellman groups.

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This tool is categorized as a SSH configuration scanner.