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Project details
Programming languagePython
AuthorMicah Lee
Latest release2.3.1 []

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Why this tool?

This tool is useful for sharing sensitive data, including information to be shared with journalists where you rather stay anonymously. It can also be helpful for sharing bigger amounts of data, without having to use a typical cloud service like Dropbox.

Usage and audience

OnionShare is commonly used for file sharing. Target users for this tool are general public.

Tool review and remarks

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  • + More than 50 contributors
  • + More than 2000 GitHub stars
  • + Many releases available
  • + The source code of this software is available

Author and Maintainers

OnionShare is under development by Micah Lee.


Supported operating systems

OnionShare is known to work on Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows.

OnionShare alternatives

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MISP is short for Malware Information Sharing Platform. It helps with sharing threat data which can be used by defenders and malware researchers.



Cryptomator is a multi-platform tool for transparent client-side encryption of your files. It is used together with cloud services to ensure you are the only one who can access the data.



The socat tool allows bi-directional data transfer between two independent data channels. This includes a file, pipe, device, socket, proxy connection, etc.

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This tool is categorized as a secure file sharing tool.