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Tool and Usage

Exitmap is a scanner to find Tor exit relays. It focuses on speed and is built as a modular tool to fetch pages, upload files, connect to SSH, and more.

Why this tool?

A tool like exitmap might be useful to monitor the reliability and trustworthiness of Tor exit relays. The Tor Project actually uses exitmap to check for false negatives and find malicious exit relays. These are related to the check service page of the project.

Usage and audience

exitmap is commonly used for network analysis or network scanning. Target users for this tool are security professionals.


  • Can run non-privileged (as normal user)
  • Tool is modular

Author and Maintainers

Exitmap is under development by Philipp Winter.


Supported operating systems

Exitmap is known to work on Linux.


Several dependencies are required to use exitmap.

  • dnspython
  • stem

exitmap alternatives

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Project details
Latest release2016.4.21 [2016-04-21]
Last updatedApril 11, 2018

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This tool is categorized as a Tor security tool.

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