itsdangerous alternatives

Looking for an alternative tool to replace itsdangerous? During the review of itsdangerous we looked at other open source tools. Based on their category, tags, and text, these are the ones that have the best match.

Alternatives (by score)




This popular toolkit is used by many systems. It provides options like encryption and hashing of data, integrity testing, and digital certificates and signatures. Many software applications use the toolkit to provide support for these functions. OpenSSL also has a client utility that can be used on the command line to test, decrypt and encrypt data, and create certificates.

Project details

OpenSSL is written in C.

Strengths and weaknesses

  • + The source code of this software is available
  • + Well-known library
  • - Major vulnerabilities in the past

Typical usage

  • Certificate management
  • Data encryption

OpenSSL review

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