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Tool and Usage

Django-security is a toolkit for the Django framework with the focus on security. It provides models, views, and middleware to strengthen the defenses.

Why this tool?

For developers seeking more security hardening of their project, django-security can help. The toolkit can set or activate particular settings. These settings include some HTTP headers to further increase the security defenses of the project.

How it works

This toolkit offers a number of models, views, middleware, and forms to facilitate security hardening of a Django application.

Usage and audience

django-security is commonly used for application security. Target users for this tool are developers.

Tool review and remarks

The review and analysis of this project resulted in the following remarks for this security tool:


  • + More than 10 contributors
  • + The source code of this software is available

Author and Maintainers

Supporting company

This project is maintained by Security Compass


Supported operating systems

Django-security is known to work on Linux.


Several dependencies are required to use django-security.

  • django
  • ua_parser

django-security alternatives

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Django-guardian extends the default Django permissions model. It does this by allowing permissions on each database object, adding fine-grained control.



Django-axes is a reusable app for Django to limit the brute force login attempts for your web application.



hsecscan performs a security scan of a website and analyses any discovered HTTP headers. For each header, it will provide details and recommendations.

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Project details
Latest release0.9.7.1 [2018-02-12]
LicenseBSD 3-clause
Last updatedFeb. 16, 2018

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This tool is categorized as a Django security tool.

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