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Tool and Usage

Addrwatch is a tool similar to arpwatch to monitor IPv4/IPv6 and ethernet address pairing.

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Similar to arpwatch, this tool addrwatch will monitor the pairing between ethernet and IP addresses.

Main features:

  • IPv4 and IPv6 address monitoring
  • Monitoring multiple network interfaces with one daemon
  • Monitoring of VLAN tagged (802.1Q) packets
  • Output to stdout, plain text files, syslog, sqlite3, MySQL
  • IP address usage history preserving output and logging

Usage and audience

addrwatch is commonly used for security monitoring. Target users for this tool are system administrators.

Author and Maintainers

Addrwatch is under development by Julius Kriukas.


Support operating systems

Addrwatch is known to work on Linux.

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Project details
Latest release 1.0.1 [2017-05-17]
Last updatedNov. 13, 2017

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