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Project details
LicenseBSD 2-clause
Programming languagePython
Latest releasev.1.0.0 []

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This toolkit is fairly new and consists of WPForce and Yertle. As the name implies, the first component has the focus on brute force attacking of login credentials. When admin credentials have been found, it is Yertle that allows uploading a shell. Yertle also has post-exploitation modules for further research.

Usage and audience

WPForce is commonly used for penetration testing, security assessment, or vulnerability scanning. Target users for this tool are pentesters and security professionals.

Tool review and remarks

The review and analysis of this project resulted in the following remarks for this security tool:


  • + The source code of this software is available


  • - Full name of author is unknown


Supported operating systems

WPForce is known to work on Linux.

WPForce alternatives

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WPSeku is a WordPress vulnerability scanner that can be used to scan remote WordPress installations.



0d1n is a security tool to perform fuzzing of web applications and discover potential security issues. It is commonly used during security assignments.



Async DNS Brute, or aiodnsbrute, is a security tool to help with resolving many DNS entries and the related discovery.

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