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LicenseBSD 3-clause
Programming languagePython
AuthorClaudio Guarnieri
Latest release1.3 []

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Viper organizes the malware samples and exploits you found over time. It calls itself "Metasploit for malware researchers". Viper has a terminal interface to store, search and analyze files. As it is a framework, is also allows you to create your plugins.

Usage and audience

Viper is commonly used for malware analysis. Target users for this tool are security professionals and system administrators.

Author and Maintainers

Viper is under development by Claudio Guarnieri.


Supported operating systems

Viper is known to work on Linux.

Viper alternatives

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Malice is a malware analysis that wants to provide a free and open source version of VirusTotal. Read how the framework works in this review.


Binary Analysis Next Generation

Binary Analysis Next Generation (BANG) or binaryanalysis-ng is a security tool to perform binary analysis by Armijn Hemel. Learn how the tool works.

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