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Why this tool?

Shell scripts are easy to create and often used by system administrator and developers. Although the language is fairly easy, there is a good number of best practices when creating them. Tools like Shellyzer can help auditing these scripts and improve the code or discover vulnerabilities.

How it works

Shellyzer parses a shell script and performs 'linting'. This process checks for proper syntax and find flaws in specific usage of variables and system calls.

Usage and audience

Shellyzer is commonly used for code analysis. Target users for this tool are developers and security professionals.

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  • + The source code of this software is available


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Author and Maintainers

Shellyzer is under development by Daniel Wood.

Shellyzer alternatives

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Shellharden is a tool to improve shell scripts when it comes to using variables and applying quotes properly. The tool can suggest and make the required changes.



Bandit is an AST-based static analyzer for analyzing Python code. It helps with finding code flaws that could lead to security vulnerabilities.



Brakeman is a static code analysis tool for Ruby on Rails to perform a security review. Read how it works in this review.

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