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Since 1992, Samba provides file and print services based on the server message block (SMB) protocol. This protocol was released by Microsoft as part of the open specifications.

Samba helps with interoperability between systems running Microsoft Windows and those running one of the flavor of Unix like Linux. The toolkit allows systems to become part of the Active Directory environment and join a domain controller or domain member.

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Supported operating systems

Samba is known to work on Linux.

Samba alternatives

Similar tools to Samba:



OnionShare allows anyone to share files in a secure way and anonymously. It uses the Tor Onion Service to temporarily set up a web server with a unique address. This address then can be shared with others to download the shared files.



Dionaea is a honeypot that can emulate a range of services like FTP, HTTP, MySQL, and SMB. It can be used to see and learn how attackers work.



The keimpx security tool can be used to check for valid credentials across a network. It uses the SMB protocol, typically used on Microsoft Windows and others.

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