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Programming languagePython
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Why this tool?

The pybelt toolkit may be useful during a pentest to simplify the process of scanning. It includes options like port scanning, dork checking, cracking and verification of hashes, and scanning for SQL injections.

Background information

The project has a warning on GitHub that it may be updated not frequently, yet bugs will be resolved.


  • Command line interface

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  • + The source code of this software is available


Supported operating systems

Pybelt is known to work on Linux.

Pybelt alternatives

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Nycto-dork is dork scanner that can also test for SQL injections and local file injections (LFI). It can be used during security assessments like a penetration test.



SQLMate is a security tool that calls itself a friend of SQLMap. It has similar functionality, yet comes with additional features like finding an admin panel and improved hash cracking. The tool can find possible vulnerable targets, with the option to save the results and feed it to others, like SQLMap.



Tulpar is a security tool to scan web targets for possible vulnerabilities. It checks a wide range of items and attack types for this particular purpose.

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This tool is categorized as a dorking tool, dork scanner, hash cracker, SQL vulnerability scanner, and XSS scanning tool.