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Tool and Usage

Metagoofil is an information gathering tool with focus extracting any metadata from public documents.


Metagoofil will perform a search in Google based on the given domain name. Any public documents will be downloaded and analyzed. For this task it uses libraries like Hachoir, PdfMiner, and others. Useful details include username, software versions, hostnames, etc.

File types: pdf, doc, xls, ppt, docx, pptx, xlsx

Usage and audience

Metagoofil is commonly used for information gathering or penetration test. Target users for this tool are pentesters.

Tool review

The review and analysis of this project resulted in the following remarks for this security tool:


  • + The source code of this software is available

Author and Maintainers

Metagoofil is under development by Christian Martorella.


Support operating systems

Metagoofil is known to work on Linux.

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Project details
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Last updatedOct. 5, 2017

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 Metagoofil project website

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