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Joxean Koret
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Why this tool?

Mal Tindex is a tool that performs binary analysis on malware samples. It analyzes the binaries it is provided to learn about the specifics of each malware sample that makes them unique. This way data can be gathered that may provide background information. For example, it could provide the attribution of a particular actor or malware campaign.

How it works

Mal Tindex looks in binaries for the functions that they use. With the help of IDA and Diaphora, this data is exported to a database. Those functions that are considered to be rare, are marked as such.

Usage and audience

Mal Tindex is commonly used for malware analysis or malware research. Target users for this tool are malware analysts and security professionals.

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  • + The source code of this software is available

Author and Maintainers

Mal Tindex is under development by Joxean Koret.


Supported operating systems

Mal Tindex is known to work on Linux.

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