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Java, Python
Juan Sacco
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Why this tool?

Penetration testing has a lot of repeating tasks, especially when doing similar assignments for clients. For this reason, tools like Exploit Pack help with automating repeating activities. This framework contains over 38.000 exploits, probably much more than one might ever need.

Background information

Exploit Pack is developed by a single developer since 2008. The ongoing updates make this project an impressive achievement.

Usage and audience

Exploit Pack is commonly used for penetration testing. Target users for this tool are pentesters.

Tool review and remarks

The review and analysis of this project resulted in the following remarks for this security tool:


  • + Project is mature (10+ years)
  • + The source code of this software is available


  • - No releases on GitHub available

Author and Maintainers

Exploit Pack is under development by Juan Sacco.


Supported operating systems

Exploit Pack is known to work on Linux, Microsoft Windows, and macOS.

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This tool is categorized as a penetration testing framework.