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LicenseBSD 2-clause
Programming languageJavaScript
AuthorHubert Kario
Latest releaseclinker-0.0.2 []

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Clinker is a tool to test SSL and TLS security for Firefox. It is an addon that shows the used cipher suites, certificates, and shows related security information of the connection itself.

Requirements: Firefox

Usage and audience

clinker is commonly used for security assessment or web application analysis. Target users for this tool are general public.

Author and Maintainers

Clinker is under development by Hubert Kario.


Supported operating systems

Clinker is known to work on Linux.

clinker alternatives

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Certificate Transparency

Google's Certificate Transparency project audits the way SSL/TLS certificates are used and its underlying cryptographic system.



Cipherscan is a tool to test the ordering of SSL/TLS ciphers on a given target. It tests the major versions of SSL, TLS, and any extensions of these protocols.



Lemur manages TLS certificate creation and the underlying process that is required. It acts as a broker between a certificate authority (CA) and the environment

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