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Tool and Usage

Project details
Programming languagePython
AuthorZach Grace
Latest release1.2.3 []

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Why this tool?

Supported protocols:

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • SSH
  • SSH with key

How it works

The changeme tool has a separation of code and credential data. This data is stored in YAML files and can be processed by the tool. A credential file can be created with the --mkcred parameter.

Usage and audience

changeme is commonly used for password strength testing or security assessment. Target users for this tool are pentesters and security professionals.

Tool review and remarks

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  • + The source code of this software is available

Author and Maintainers

Changeme is under development by Zach Grace.


Supported operating systems

Changeme is known to work on Linux.


Several dependencies are required to use changeme.

  • cerberus
  • jinja2
  • logutils
  • lxml
  • netaddr
  • nose
  • paramiko
  • psycopg2
  • pyodbc
  • python-libnmap
  • pyyaml
  • requests
  • responses
  • shodan
  • sqlalchemy
  • tabulate

changeme alternatives

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CloudSploit scans

CloudSploit scans is an open source software project to test security risks related to an AWS account. It runs tests against your Amazon account and aims to discover any potential misconfigured setting or other risks.



Heralding is a simple honeypot to collect credentials. It supports common protocols like FTP, SSH, HTTP, etc.



The keimpx security tool can be used to check for valid credentials across a network. It uses the SMB protocol, typically used on Microsoft Windows and others.

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