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Damien Cauquil
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Why this tool?

Btlejack is a security tool that provides all options to sniff, jam, and hijack Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices. It can be used during security assessments to test the security of devices that use Bluetooth as a communication protocol.

How it works

Btlejack relies on the BBC Micro:Bit hardware with custom firmware. Upon the first use or after firmware updates, the tool will have to (re)program the Micro:Bit device. When the custom firmware is placed, the scanning and testing can be done easily with just a few commands.

Usage and audience

Btlejack is commonly used for Bluetooth security testing, connection hijacking, or security assessment. Target users for this tool are pentesters and security professionals.


  • Command line interface

Example usage and output

$ btlejack -s
BtleJack version 1.1

[i] Enumerating existing connections ...
[ - 54 dBm] 0xcd91d517 | pkts: 1
[ - 46 dBm] 0xcd91d517 | pkts: 2
Find a connection
$ btlejack -f 0xdda4845e
BtleJack version 1.1

[i] Detected sniffers:
> Sniffer #0: fw version 1.1

[i] Synchronizing with connection 0xdda4845e ...
✓ CRCInit: 0x2a035e
✓ Channel Map = 0x1fffffffff
✓ Hop interval = 39
✓ Hop increment = 15
[i] Synchronized, packet capture in progress ...
LL Data: 02 07 03 00 04 00 0a 03 00
LL Data: 0a 08 04 00 04 00 0b 5a 69 70
LL Data: 02 07 03 00 04 00 0a 03 00
LL Data: 0a 08 04 00 04 00 0b 5a 69 70
Follow a specific connection

Tool review and remarks

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  • + The source code of this software is available

Author and Maintainers

Btlejack is under development by Damien Cauquil.


Supported operating systems

Btlejack is known to work on Linux.


Several dependencies are required to use Btlejack.

  • argparse
  • halo
  • pyserial

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Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a personal area network using wireless technology to transmit data. It is designed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. The main purpose is the technology is reducing power consumption. It targets devices like fitness trackers, beacons, watches, mobile phones, etc. Most of the current mobile operating systems already support Bluetooth Low Energy.


This tool is categorized as a Bluetooth hijacking tool and bluetooth sniffing tools.

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