Armijn Hemel

Armijn Hemel is a specialist in open source license compliance. He studied computer science at the Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Here he worked on reproducible builds by creating the first prototype of NixOS, based on the revolutionary Nix package manager.

Armijn served from 2005 till 2012 as a core member of to protect open source and open standards. This included helping companies to achieve compliance with open source licenses or fight copyright troll. He is still active in this area to make compliance easier and can be found at related industry conferences.

Software development

Armijn is the author of Binary Analysis Next Generation.

Expertise and specialization areas

  • Binary analysis
  • Firmware analysis
  • Software governance
Armijn Hemel is from the Netherlandsthe Netherlands
We added this profile as we consider Armijn Hemel to be an expert in the field of Linux security.